Growing up, sisters Sabika and Sabina Makhdoom were known to cut up their mom’s fine dresses to make identical miniature versions for their dolls. Years later, being some of the early adopters of hijab in their community, they found themselves dealing all-too-common problem of where to find scarves and modest clothing. In 1999 the girls officially launched AlSundus importing scarves from overseas. “We started from a humble $300 of scarves in a box,” Sabika recalls. These days, they spend their time managing their boutique in the Seattle area as well as designing and producing for their label. They cherish the personal relationships they have developed with their customers over the years. You can find many of Sabina’s handmade hijab pins and silk scarves and Sabika’s western style modest wear online as well. Sabika finds her inspiration in patterns and textures “I have to touch and feel the fabric first before I decide what I am going to do with it.”